The price of Pipolino® is significant compared to other toys!

The Pipolino® is more than a toy. Its quality, useful volume and numerous favorable effects are linked to the complexity of its manufacture, by assembling 10 different parts.

Pipolino® is the only feeding method that combines all the individual advantages without their drawbacks of bowls, stationary dispensers and mobile feed dispensers:

  • adapts to all sizes and shapes of kibble or other dry foods;
  • contains, depending on the models in the range and for each species, age and size, a quantity sufficient for a meal, for one or more animals, for one or more days;
  • allows you to easily modify the feed flow, and thus adapt the animal, gradually and gently, to the chosen flow;
  • requires a slow ingestion which prevents overconsumption, provides satiety and improves digestion;
  • has an inertia system to prevent the dispersal on the ground of kibble that would not be consumed;
  • does not crush the kibble that comes out of it and does not collect dust from the ground;
  • is designed not to roll under furniture where the animal cannot retrieve it;
  • is designed not to roll under furniture where the animal cannot retrieve it;
  • is taught in French Veterinary Schools for the prevention and treatment of excess weight, digestive disorders as well as behavioral diseases such as bulimia, obesity, uncleanliness, aggressiveness, depression, sedentary lifestyle;
  • is accessible to all budgets;
  • has the best quality / price ratio, to enrich the living environment of the pet and bring it well-being, health and longevity;
  • is an investment that pays for itself in a few months by reducing food consumption and reducing veterinary costs.
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