The PIPOLINO®-M is an adjustable and mobile dispenser of dry food (kibble, granules) for cats.

Respectful of the ethology of the cat, it was designed by a veterinarian with an objective of health and well-being, with a natural and playful approach.

First use

To obtain the full effect, remove all other food sources (remove the bowls) and do not give any treats during the initiation period (the cat must be hungry to use the appliance).

  • Adjust the flow to the maximum: using a screwdriver, if necessary loosen the locking screw and position the device on 12 openings, (holding one end of the PIPOLINO®-M in one hand and turning the other end of the other hand), so as to motivate your cat and make him understand the use of the PIPOLINO®-M.
  • Tighten without forcing the screw thread
  • After removing the cover (grasp the cover a few degrees and turn anti-clockwise, then pull out the cover) located at one end of the PIPOLINO®-M , fill with half the PIPOLINO®-M with the usual dry food.
  • Replace the cover in its housing by turning it clockwise until it is locked.
  • Place the PIPOLINO®-M on the ground, near the place where its bowl was usually found, one end against a wall, the other end a few cm from the wall.
  • Place a few croquettes between the PIPOLINO®-M and the wall.
  • Leave the cat alone for as long as possible, giving it the possibility of accessing the PIPOLINO®-M.
  • Wait for the cat to collect the kibble on its own and move the PIPOLINO®-M.

In case of difficulty:

During this adaptation phase, make sure the cat does not go without eating for more than two days. To avoid this problem, place ¼ of the kibble ration every day between the PIPOLINO®-M and the wall, then check if the cat is consuming them.

If the cat is still not using the PIPOLINO®-M , repeat the steps by gradually reducing the angle between the PIPOLINO®-M and the wall, and placing a smaller quantity of kibble on it each time.

Putting the PIPOLINO®-M in the bag containing the kibbles allows it to be impregnated with the smell of food to make it more attractive!

After the adaptation phase:

When the cat uses the PIPOLINO®-M , gradually adjust it to the lowest flow rate to allow the animal maximum occupancy until satiety. During the adaptation period, if there is uneaten kibble left on the ground, reduce the number of openings.

When the adaptation phase is over, top up the PIPOLINO®-M before it is empty, preferably every evening, to avoid famine anxiety, (except absence of several days: maximum 4 days for 1 cat) .

If the low noise when rolling the PIPOLINO®-M disturbs your sleep, the device can be put out of the cat’s reach during the night, without risk to him.

Technical drawing

Your PIPOLINO®-M is made up of 2 cylinders each fitted with openings, fitted one inside the other and sliding on the same rotary axis so as to allow the adjustment of the flow rate of the dry food.

You have 5 basic adjustment positions (12 openings, 8, 4, 2, and 1) determined by lines of different lengths located at the edge of the cylindrical part. The longest line corresponds to the opening of 12 openings , the smallest to a single opening for the lowest flow. The line corresponding to the number of openings chosen will be positioned opposite the screw and the arrow located near this screw.

The double line located next to the longest line corresponds to a single opening with a reduced diameter, intended for the filling phase or the lower flow of very small kibble.

The diameter of the openings is 14mm (4 openings), 12mm (2 openings), and 10mm (1 opening). Make sure the kibble you are using passes freely through the openings.

  1. Food grade rubber tread
  2. Flow adjustment locking screw
  3. Mark
  4. Adjustment positions
  5. Exterior openings
  6. Lid with lock

Tips and restrictions


The PIPOLINO®-M can be used with any type of kibble, if they are of smaller diameter of the selected openings.

Avoid using PIPOLINO®-M on gravel, on ground covered with debris, or on ground contaminated with potentially toxic products.

To function optimally, the PIPOLINO®-M must be placed on a flat surface, such as tiling, carpet, tank bottom.

You can delimit a perimeter of use in order to limit movement, or place the PIPOLINO®-M in a rectangular litter-box type container (length> 40 cm, width> 25 cm, height from 8 to 20 cm). Make sure that the device does not fall from a height.

For weakened or overly thin cats, adjust the flow to limit the ingestion time to promote recovery (adjustment position 4).

Gestation and lactation

The timing of meals and their duration should not be limited during gestation and lactation. Only the quantity (and or quality) should be increased during lactation compared to usual consumption.


  • Do not allow young children to play with PIPOLINO®.
  • Do not put moist food inside the appliance and do not use the appliance in the rain, on ice or in snow.
  • Do not use PIPOLINO® on gravel or on ground covered with debris.
  • Do not use PIPOLINO® in the event of a sudden and apparently unexplained difficulty in locomotion. Quickly consult your Veterinarian.
  • Do not use PIPOLINO® with a blind, paralyzed or injured animal.