The PIPOLINO®-XXL is particularly intended for horses and ponies over 250 Kg.

The use of PIPOLINO®-XL is reserved for foals, donkeys, ponies and horses weighing less than 250 kg. (For small horses, it is possible to use PIPOLINO®-L ).

The manual for PIPOLINO®-XL are identical to those of PIPOLINO®-XXL.

First use

The recommended protocol will be adapted according to the behavior of the animal. If it frequently scratches the forelegs while using PIPOLINO®-XXL, it is advisable to delay switching to a lower flow rate.

The animal immediately knows how to use PIPOLINO®-XXL; it is therefore not necessary or advisable to roll it in front of him.

Shady or bulimic horse

The use of a trough or bucket with a diameter> 50 cm and a height> 30 cm is strongly recommended for these animals during the period of adaptation to PIPOLINO®-XXL.

  • Set the opening to 8 according to the size of the food.
  • Fill the PIPOLINO®-XXL, following the protocol below, and place it in the middle of the trough placed on the ground:
    • 1st week: 1/2 of the ration in the PIPOLINO®-XXL, 1/2 in the trough
    • 2nd week: 3/4 of the ration in the PIPOLINO®-XXL, 1/4 in the trough
    • 3rd week: the whole ration in the PIPOLINO®-XXL
  • From the 4th week, gradually reduce the number of holes according to the flow rate and the desired usage time.
  • If the volume of the ration is greater than the useful volume (5.4 liters) of PIPOLINO®-XXL, propose this excess later by putting it in the PIPOLINO®-XXL).


By gradually reducing the number and opening up of food openings, the animal takes care of itself over the long term and consumes more slowly, in order to avoid boredom and promote digestion.

Choice of the form of food openings:

Materialized by pictograms, they are visible on one edge of the cylindrical part. The opening will be chosen according to the size of the food, so that it can only come out of the dispenser in small quantities at a time:

Choice of the number of sector openings:

There are 4 different numbers of openings: 8, 4, 2 and 1, corresponding to the number placed inside the marks indicated above.

The position 8 is used primarily for the initiation of the horse, and the final position (4, 2 or 1) is determined depending on the desired total period of ingestion of feed concentrates incorporated.

Place the chosen pictogram (opening size + number of openings) next to the screw, which will be tightened if necessary to block the chosen position.


The use directly on the ground, except in a paddock having on its limits a sufficient rim to prevent the PIPOLINO®-XXL from rolling out of the enclosure, leads to risk of loss of food in the straw or of soiling. food by soil or dung.
The ideal is to place the dispenser in a bucket or round trough which will be fixed in a corner of the box, in the middle of the paddock or in the meadow.

The grip of this trough in a corner of the box, does not constitute, according to the acquired experience, any discomfort for the horse, even if his box is small and that he is used to lying there.

The PIPOLINO company offers the PIPOLINO®-CORNER trough for the box or the paddock and the MASTELLONE® trough blocked by the PIPOLINO®-BOX coping for the elegance of the paddock.


The PIPOLINO®-CORNER is a high resistance food -grade plastic trough, UV treated, manufactured in Europe to ISO 9001-2000 standards, diameter 62 cm, height 30 cm, weight: 3,600 Kg.

Intended for the box, it can be fixed in an angle. Its footprint in the box is less than 0.5 m².


The MASTELLONE is a high resistance food- grade plastic trough, UV treated, manufactured in Europe to ISO 9001-2000 standards, diameter 88 cm, height 32 cm, weight: 5.600 Kg. This trough allows the horse to roll the PIPOLINO®-XXL in it. It is supplied with the fixation device PIPOLINO®-BOX.

The PIPOLINO®-BOX is a set of 8 hollow elements with lids, connected to each other, which are ballasted with sand or water (approximately 130 liters) intended to surround the MASTELLONE and prevent the horse from moving it.

Made of high resistance food-grade plastic, recyclable, UV treated, it is manufactured in Europe in accordance with ISO 9001-2000 standards.
Overall dimensions: external wall D: 115 cm, internal wall D: 85 cm, height 30 cm, weight 14.4 Kg.

Supplied in cardboard box containing the 8 elements and lids with easy-to-use assembly device.

Technical drawing

Your PIPOLINO®-XXL is made up of 2 cylinders each fitted with openings, fitted into each other and sliding on the same rotary axis so as to allow adjustment of the flow rate of the food.

You have 4basic adjustment positions, 8, 4, 2, 1, position 1 corresponds to the lowest flow (1 opening).

The mark makes it possible to adjust the position to the chosen flow rate. The choice of the diameter of these holes is visualized by pictograms ranging from full moon (maximum diameter) to quarter moon (minimum diameter), passing through intermediate diameters (¾ moon and half moon).

The diameter of the openings is 17.5 mm. Make sure the kibble you are using passes freely through the openings.

  1. Food grade rubber tread
  2. Flow adjustment locking screw
  3. Mark
  4. Adjustment positions
  5. Exterior openings
  6. Lid with lock
  7. Tightening key placed under the cap

Tips and restrictions


This PIPOLINO®-XXL model can be used with any type of kibble with a diameter less than or equal to 17.5 mm.

For weakened or too thin horses, the flow will be adjusted for a total intake of the ration in a slightly reduced time to give the animal a longer sleep time.

The PIPOLINO®-XXL will replace not grazing but can facilitate the dietary transition when the power to the grass and when it runs out. In the absence of grass, PIPOLINO®-XXL is in addition to hay, the unique food alternative for the well-being and health of the horse.


Ensure the daily cleanliness of your PIPOLINO®-XXL.

Unscrew the retaining screw, separate the 2 cylinders, clean with soapy water, rinse and leave to dry. Put the elements back in place.

Gestation and lactation:

The timing of meals and their duration should not be limited during gestation and lactation. The amount can be increased during lactation as needed, compared to usual consumption.


  • Do not allow young children to play with PIPOLINO®.
  • Do not put moist food inside the appliance and do not use the appliance in the rain, on ice or in snow.
  • Do not use PIPOLINO® on gravel or on ground covered with debris.
  • Do not use PIPOLINO® in the event of a sudden and apparently unexplained difficulty in locomotion. Quickly consult your Veterinarian.
  • Do not use PIPOLINO® with a blind, paralyzed or injured animal.