You can see that it lacks something to your animal:
he is too fat, he is bored, he is anxious, he is sad, he constantly asks for food, he is nervous, worried, aggressive, vocalizes a lot, or even has health problems (cystitis, vomiting , dermatitis, hair loss, urinary stones, …).

In spite of your affection and the comfort that you give to him, there is a natural need:
to be in search of food is the main reason for living in the nature.

The only real solution that provides all the benefits of nature is:


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Pascal Lescroart

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To sum up

By offering him a Pipolino®, you confirm your attachment and the concern you have for his well-being and his health. It’s so simple and so easy that it’s hard to believe! so read the various testimonials that follow and keep us informed of your own experience with the Pipolino ®. You will be thrilled by the happiness of your pet and we can congratulate you for your initiative very progressive but essential!

  • You notice that he is gaining weight, that he is too fat, greedy, bulimic, constantly demands to eat
  • You realize that he is bored, nervous, aggressive, stressed, anxious, worried, anxious, or sad
  • Looking for the solution to repeated cystitis, urinary stones, colic, digestive problems… regular vomiting, regurgitation…

PIPOLINO® that you are going to offer him will transform his life,

bring it at the same time all the benefits of nature, simply, naturally: autonomy, long-lasting occupation, physical activity for maintenance, and slow ingestion of food.

Pipolino® is also the answer to many of the master’s problems:

  • No cravings that force you to return on time for the meal
  • No barking of loneliness, no destruction of furniture, no uncleanliness
  • The cat can stay alone during the weekends
  • No continuous hair loss