Why Pipolino® ?

Make your pet happy, and immediately take advantage of that happiness !

You can see that it lacks something to your animal:
he is too big, he’s bored, he is anxious, he is sad, he always claim to eat, he is nervous, aggressive, vocalizes a lot, or suffer health disorders (cystitis, vomiting, dermatitis, hair loss, bladder stones, …).

In spite of your affection and the comfort that you give to him, there is a natural need:
to be in search of food is the main reason for living in the nature.

The only real solution that provides all the benefits of nature is:


By offering a Pipolino®, you confirm your affection and preoccupation for the well-being and health of your pet.. It’s so simple and so easy that it is hard to believe it ! then read the various testimonials below and let us know about your own experience with his Pipolino.®. You will be thrilled by the happiness of your pet and we can congratulate you for your initiative very progressive but essential!

  • You notice that he is gaining weight, that he is too fat, greedy, bulimic, constantly demands to eat
  • You realize that he is bored, nervous, aggressive, stressed, anxious, worried, anxious, or sad
  • You are looking for the solution to repeated cystitis, urinary stones, colic, digestive problems … regular vomiting, regurgitation …

PIPOLINO® that you are going to offer him will transform his life,

bring it at the same time all the benefits of nature, simply, naturally: autonomy, long-lasting occupation, physical activity for maintenance, and slow ingestion of food.


Pipolino® is the solution to all his ailments and will allow him to regain a taste for games and life, and to give him back the slenderness and dynamism of his young years!


By offering him a Pipolino®, you are offering him well-being, health, and the joy of living with you. Take the time to read the testimonials and you too will be convinced of the essential Pipolino®, your pet will then give you back his happiness a hundredfold and will live better, longer, in perfect harmony with his nature.


Pipolino® is the only device that at the same time provides the animal with all the benefits of nature that it needs to be happy: long-lasting occupation, physical activity, slow ingestion of food, without stress.

Pipolino® is also the answer to many of the master’s problems: