Manual for YOYOLINO®

Setting up


  • Place the adapter* behind the harness ring, metal washer above and towards the back.
  • Attach the anterior cord to the ring and, where possible, the posterior cord to the harness.

*Not necessary if the harness is “Yoyolino®-Compatible”

Harness « Yoyolino®-Compatible »

Position the harness on the dog's withers, ring towards its head and magnet washer towards the back.

Adjust the posterior strap behind the ribs (maximum ventral diameter: 100 cm)

Adjust the anterior strap around the neck.


  • Adapt the carabiner of the small YOYOLINO® retractor to the harness ring
  • Depending on the orientation of the harness ring, turn the carabiner 90 ° (see sketch below).
  • Attach the magnet of the YOYOLINO® small reel to the adapter’s magnet washer (or to the one of the “Yoyolino®-compatible” harness).

Final step

  • Pull or release the large reel (simultaneously press the release button) to adjust the length of the YOYOLINO® strap, so that it passes exactly at the fold of the elbows.
  • Attach the leash to the YOYOLINO® ring.



Keep the arm relaxed along the body


Keep the leash horizontal

Well-being for the driver

Do not bend your arm to pull on the leash

Well-being for the dog

Let the dog in front of the handler

First use

  • Preferably choose the usual walking route
  • Move forward by changing walking speed several times during the first few minutes, to get the dog used to YOYOLINO®

  • If the dog stops on its own or gets out of the way without permission: continue moving forward, without changing direction, leash held horizontal.
  • To stop the dog: stop, leash held horizontal.
  • To move it back: step back, leash held horizontal.
  • To steer it in a new direction: take the chosen direction, leash held horizontal.


Detach the carabiner from the harness, without modifying the strap length.