The PIPOLINO®-L / XL is an adjustable and mobile dispenser of dry food (kibble, granules) for dogs.

Respectful of the dog’s ethology, it was designed by a veterinarian with a goal of health and well-being , with a natural and fun approach.

First use

To obtain the full effect , remove all other food sources (remove the bowls) and do not give any treatsduring the initiation period (the dog must be hungry to use the device).

  • Adjust the flow to the maximum: using a screwdriver, loosen the locking screw and adjust to position 8, in order to motivate your dog and make him understand the usage. Tighten without forcing the screw thread.
  • At the usual mealtime (the dog must be hungry to use the device), fill the PIPOLINO® with the usual dry food ration.
  • Close and lock the cover.
  • Place the PIPOLINO® on the ground, near the place where its bowl usually is, one end against a wall, the other end a few cm from the wall.
  • Place a few croquettes between the PIPOLINO® and the wall.
  • Let the dog come by himself to get the kibble and move the PIPOLINO®.

After the meal:

Store PIPOLINO® out of reach of the dog.

Some kibble can remain in the PIPOLINO®. This is normal.

Do not open the lid to give them to your dog. During the next filling, do not take this excess into account and pour over the additional quantity of kibble and so on.

The PIPOLINO® can be used by splitting meals (puppies) or based on only one meal a day, to preferably at night.

Scheduling a meal with PIPOLINO® when the dog is left alone is a great way to avoid separation anxiety.

In case the dog is left alone:

The PIPOLINO® will be presented upon departure from the way most neutral as possible (avoid petting and talking to the dog).

Adjust the flow so as to slow down the duration of the meal as much as possible.

Work in stages if necessary and if possible, gradually lengthening your time away.

The PIPOLINO® will remain at the dog’s disposal until your return.
Stay neutral when you return , then come back to your dog after a few minutes, for a walk or a play session.

Technical drawing

Your PIPOLINO® is made up of 2 cylinders each fitted with openings, fitted one inside the other and sliding on the same rotary axis so as to allow the adjustment of the flow rate of the dry food.

You have 3 basic adjustment positions, 8, 2, 1 (8, 4, 2, 1 for the PIPOLINO®-XL) , position 1corresponds to the lowest flow rate (1 opening), as well as intermediate positions in “half-moon”. The mark makes it possible to adjust the position to the chosen flow rate. The mark makes it possible to adjust the position to the chosen flow rate.

The diameter of the openings is 17 mm. Make sure the kibble you are using passes freely through the openings.

  1. Food grade rubber tread
  2. Flow adjustment locking screw
  3. Mark
  4. Adjustment positions
  5. Exterior openings
  6. Lid with lock

Tips and restrictions


The PIPOLINO®-L and PIPOLINO®-XL models can be used with any type of kibble with a diameter less than or equal to 17 mm.

Avoid using PIPOLINO®-M on gravel, on ground covered with debris, or on ground contaminated with potentially toxic products.

To function optimally, the PIPOLINO® must be placed on a flat surface, such as tiling, carpet, bottom of tank.

You can delimit a perimeter of use in order to limit movement, or place the PIPOLINO® in a rectangular litter-box type container (length> 40 cm, width> 25 cm, height from 8 to 20 cm). Make sure that the device does not fall from a height. Make sure that the device does not fall from a height.

A large amount of kibble remains in the device leads to several comments : slow ingestion brings satiety, which most of the time corresponds to meeting the body’s needs. An unwanted variation in weight may justify a change in the energy level of the food. Seek advice from the veterinarian.

The digestion gastric your dog is greatly simplified through the daily use of PIPOLINO® ; nevertheless, a period of calm after the meal is advised.

The PIPOLINO® will channel the behavior of your dog by causing an expenditure of energy, more or less important according to each dog and each situation.

Gestation and lactation

The timing of meals and their duration should not be limited during gestation and lactation. Only the quantity (and or quality) should be increased during lactation compared to usual consumption.


  • Do not allow young children to play with PIPOLINO®.
  • Do not put moist food inside the appliance and do not use the appliance in the rain, on ice or in snow.
  • Do not use PIPOLINO® on gravel or on ground covered with debris.
  • Do not use PIPOLINO® in the event of a sudden and apparently unexplained difficulty in locomotion. Quickly consult your Veterinarian.
  • Do not use PIPOLINO® with a blind, paralyzed or injured animal.