Keep your dog on a leash effortlessly!

Innovative device which, placed on the harness, brings 100% well-being to the dog, and 100% comfort to its handler.

With our Bernese mountain dog friend



Extension muscles of the forelimbs

Propulsion / traction muscles

When the dog is moving, the propulsion by its 4 limbs is necessarily preceded by the forward extension of its forelimbs.

Without this prior extension, the dog has the reflex not to activate its propulsive musculature, which would cause it to fall forward.

The extension musculature of the forelimbs is 10 times weaker than the propulsion / traction musculature of the 4 limbs.

A very low force is therefore sufficient to control the forelimbs and thus avoid efforts to resist the dog’s traction.

It is this simple principle that YOYOLINO® uses:

A slight pull on the leash is enough for the YOYOLINO® strap, stretched at the elbows (blue circle), to limit the extension of the forelegs, to slow down the dog and, if the tension is maintained, to stop it.


Harness without YOYOLINO®, taut leash

When the leash is drawn taut, the pressure of the harness causes a significant deformation of the rib cage, much less rigid in dogs (V-shape) than in humans (U-shape). This results in pain in the joints that attach the ribs to the sternum and the dorsal vertebrae, causing respiratory failure and chronic back pain.

When the leash is attached to a collar and pulled, it crushes the airways and distends the cervical vertebrae, leading to the progressive onset of chronic laryngitis, laryngeal palsy, respiratory failure, neck pain and cervical spondylosis.

This pain is also the cause of stress, which contributes to the weakening of the body and its premature aging.

Harness with YOYOLINO®, taut leash

A slight pull on the leash is enough for the YOYOLINO® strap to tighten the forearms, thus limiting the extension of the forelegs, which slows down the dog and, if tension is maintained, stops it.


Before and after the Yoyolino®

Thanks to YOYOLINO®, whatever the tension of the leash, the dog no longer feels the pain and microtrauma resulting from compression by the harness.

YOYOLINO® therefore allows dogs, and particularly if they are elderly or have osteoarthritis, to enjoy walking on a leash much better.