My obese cat does not lose weight with Pipolino®!

Obesity is linked to the simultaneous existence of anxiety and an excess of energy intake.

It is therefore a priority to use foods with a very low energy density and to fight against anxiety; this is often due to gastric pain linked to very rapid ingestion, but also to osteo-articular pain linked to a sedentary lifestyle, and to depression, a stressor, resulting from boredom.

Pipolino® will gradually reduce all these anxiety factors, and thinning will be a consequence.

Previously, Pipolino® will have already made it possible to stop weight gain, which is the biggest serious risk factor (diabetes, hepatic insufficiency, etc.), excess weight especially favoring sedentary lifestyle and locomotor problems.

If you don’t notice any improvement, it’s because his anxiety has another cause (hormonal, environmental, etc.). Then talk to your veterinarian.

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