My dog ​​bangs loudly at furniture and walls with the Pipolino®!

In this case, put the Pipolino® in a rectangular or cylindrical container of sufficient size for the dog to roll the Pipolino® in it without taking it out:

  • rectangular container:
    • width ≥ length of Pipolino®
    • length ≥ 2 times the length of Pipolino®
    • container height ≥ 3/4 of the Pipolino® diameter
  • cylindrical container
    • diameter ≥ 1.5 times the length of the Pipolino
    • height ≥ 3/4 of the Pipolino diameter

After a few weeks you can offer the Pipolino® out of the tank again to see that it has settled down.

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